Upcoming Match : SUB JUNIOR YOUTH I-LEAGUE 2018-19

FC Kerala

FC Kerala

The state of Kerala is really in need of a football club with true professional football structure at par with the international standards. Indian football should change fast and a team from Kerala needs to be its front runner. Even after the start of ISL, as of now, only a handful of the top level clubs of the country fulfil the demands of Asian Football Confederation and FIFA to be eligible to play top level football.

The scope for a professional football club structure in Kerala is very high as Kerala has the largest number of spectators and followers for football in the country. Latest evidence for this is the turn out for the ISL in Kochi. This project aims at developing a professional football team under a public limited company (which is a primary requisite) and a club to support the company. There shall be a role and provision to play for football lovers in Kerala, which is surprisingly huge. They deserve to be respected as they supported every team came in this football crazy state, even though they had no role to play. They took every team into their heart and for different reasons every team got vanished, breaking the hearts of the football fans. FC Kerala is coming up with a novel scheme for developing a proffessional football team with the help of all football loving people of the state.

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This project includes the following;
1. Professional football team, Second team, Age Group Teams and Grass Root Football program under the Company
2. A Football Club to support the company to run programs mentioned above
3. Club house facilities for the members of the football club


K P Sunny

V A Narayana Menon

I M Vijayan

Pradeep D

Mohammed Shaji I P

TG Purushothaman

Navas K A

Hameed k K

Davis Mooken


Auditors - Vasu & Sivaram

Company Secretery - T M Ramachandran


• Play ISL in 6 years time
• Play I league in 4 years time
• Play Second Division league in 2 years time
• Develop infrastructure in 3 years time
• Develop Club House facilities in 4 years time


• Start Football Coaching Centers in an year's time
• Affiliate with other football academies, football clubs & club houses
• Organize age group Tournaments & GRFB program
• Organize programs for coaches
• Social service – Ambulance, Primary Health Centre, supporting needy ones in the society
• Supporting needy Ex Football Players (who have played upto certain level)


Maintenance of quality football program and infrastructure requires steady flow of funds


• There shall not be huge individual investment and the investment made shall be safe, irrespective of the amount one invests.

• The football lovers of the state shall be made stake holders of any football venture and they should be given a role to play

• There should not be any discrimination and the investment made by every one should be the same and it shall be affordable for common man

• The investment shall go back to the investor if the football team is closed for any unfortunate reason.